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15ml CBD Nasal Spray. Bottle Contains 240mg of Full Spectrum CBD with Sesame Oil.

This product contains zero THC and is safe to take while utilising cannabis drug tests.

Our 240mg CBD Nasal Spray is manufactured and dispatched in the UK.

If you have a history of allergy to Sesame seed it is advisable not to use this product.

Although manufactured to medical standards, this product is sold as a dietary supplement and not as a medication.

Please read full product description below for product details and for Laboratory reports.

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Our 15ml CBD Nasal Spray delivers 180 sprays. Recommended dosage of 6 sprays per day. With a max dose of no more than 15 sprays per day, gives our CBD Nasal Spray the reward of long term and cost effective CBD.

If you have a history of allergy to Sesame seed it is advisable not to use this product.

CBD Nasal Spray Usage Instructions:

One (1) to two (2) sprays 
in each nostril three (3) times daily.
 Before you use the spray for the first time or if you have not used it for a long period, spray into a piece of tissue paper a few times until the oil sprays out in a jet. CanaSpray CBD Nasal Spray is an oil-based product and may stain fabrics or other surfaces upon contact.

1) Blow your nose thoroughly before use. Remove the plastic cap and shake the bottle very well for 1 minute.

2) Let the bottle rest on your thumb and place your index and middle fingers on the brim; push down on the brim to spray.

3) Insert the tip of the applicator on an angle into your nostril pointing towards the ear. Hold the bottle steady and spray 1 to 2 times. DO NOT SNORT, Sniff lightly, ensuring you don’t swallow the CBD Nasal spray.

4) After use, wipe the tip of the applicator and replace the cap.

Spray at an angle into the nasal cavity with the nozzle pointed towards the ear. First time users should use in one nostril at a time, not both. Do not snort, lightly sniff, its important the CBD spray liquid remains in the nasal cavity and not swallowed, the product simply will not work if the spray enters the throat. This product works by the CBD being absorbed by the blood vessels in the nose.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Product Composition:

Bottle Size: 15 ml Bottle.

CBD Strength: 240mg (1.6% | 16mg per ml)

Number of Sprays per bottle: 180 sprays per 15ml bottle

Strength of CBD Per Spray: 1.3mg of CBD per spray (240mg bottle) (2.6mg per dose, providing 7.8mg per day)

Flavour: Naturally flavoured from CBD Extract, with a hint of sesame.

Grades: Organic CBD, Natural, and Pharmaceutical Standard. Phytocannabinoid

Spectrum: Full Spectrum, contains all from the plant. CBD, CBD-A, CBG, CBE, CBN, CBC and more than 40 Natural Hemp Derived Terpenes.

Visual Appearance of Liquid: Gold / Yellow oils solution.

When CBD is added to the nasal cavity you do not need much for it to work, it is the most effective method as it enters the blood stream directly next to the brain and has a instant and hard effect. Although safe to take up to 12 sprays per day, please try to remain at 6 or less sprays per day to ensure safety.


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    yep very effective, better than vaping for sure, very very good product

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